April 4, 2017

I awoke this morn to my alarm at 4:30…as I HAVE  to catch Joanne Wood on BBC London …. when she comes on at 5 AM our time – 1 PM her time….

She is on for 3 hours until 4PM when Eddie Nestor takes over….

But she is one of the most Wonderful women I have ever heard on …well anything….she is younger than I am…in her 60’s… her mother is 92….

Jo is a Beautiful indvidual..a hippy once back in the 80’s….and so Wonderfully Upbeat…was  an actress that never really made it to what she wanted…so went into radio….

She interviews fascinating actors and musicians….

Getting BBC London is so easy on the free app “FM Radio” that gives you access to all FM stations across the world..there are hundreds…

But Joanne Wood always wakes me up with a smile….as something always happens to her

..last night she dropped her “tap” card  (I guess in Europe they have them everywhere…you just tap your card and the purchase is paid for)….

well hers  totally disappeared…she looked everywhere..she was in Boots Pharmacy getting a skin cream….she ended up calling by mistake the Brit equivalent of 911 rather than 411 for information…and man was that a story on her show this AM..PM for her…

she wanted people to call in and tell her the problems they have had when a “tap” card is lost..stolen or whatever….as one can tap up to like 30 pounds on it before it sets off any alarm bells….

For those who have dogs she has this wonderful period called the “Barking Hour’ on Thursdays at 7 AM West Coast time

…as she has a pug…and has a veterinarian type dog doc on…who answers everyone’s questions….

Anyway I was going to ..for the second time…go hiking in my favorite area….The Whitewater Preserve…..as I fell in love with it when my dear friends Nabil and Jeff took me out there to see the “Pigeon Tower” part of Desert X….

It is an area 30 minutes from where I live in Palm Springs…off the freeway to LA…..

And so peacefully remote….use to be an old trout hatchery from the Whitewater River….

The landscape is akin in away to the drive up the Saddlepeak Lodge above Mailbu that makes one feel like they are on Mars…..

And I have not been really “hiking” for like 40 some odd years…as living in LA….really had no desire to hike up Runyon Canyon which I did once…it is like Christmas at Macy’s…well maybe Bloomies as there are a lot of “stars” that “hike” it…..

And down here I thought once I retired and reached the age of 70…and lost my balance…

Well I just felt old…

Until 5 weeks ago…and said to Hell with this…..I don’t give an “F” if I fall off a mountain or am attacked by snakes

So I… for the first time in many a year  Hiked…(like Agnes Gooch..from Auntie Mame..”I LIVED”)……….

the Whitewater loop that ascends 800 some feet..3.6 miles….

I can’t tell you the Satisfaction I got…..

So I did it  again today….


Am ready to go further on the Pacific Crest Trail …maybe to Canada


Lord..I started on this blog going in one direction and ended up totally wrong….(watch Out for my novel)

What I wondered..well I am doing research every day…….

I have read biographies..autobiographies……novels etc etc…

so far..am researching the period from the 1890’s thru the 1940’s..basically the period of the awful “Great War” WWI and WWII…the artists…the musicians…the actors….

Since I am Gay…I am studying how Gay men were treated…how they came out if they did…this is the Oscar Wilde period….

Have been reading two fascinating books about Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon…poets during WWI….both were gay….but ended up marrying women …as that is WHAT a man did back then…but they loved each other so much…it is heart wrenching how Robert came to Siegfried’s help after he had been shot and became a Pacifist….and how the army back then wanted to have him obliterated….but Robert knew someone close to Churchill (who was NOT the PM then)… it was due to Churchill that Siegfried was merely put into an  asylum at the time (he later returned to the trenches..due to his guilt at abandoning his men)…..

The main point of this blog was to ask Greg and Robert…my two Gay friends…. married once to two different  women…..


“Eating pussy taste like Watermelon?”

One Response to “Watermelon”

  1. oh my, Rob……

    I have read Graves and Sassoon’s poetry, in a tiny little book called “Poems of World War I”. It’s beautiful stuff. The writers of that era were just fantastic.
    (rictornorton.co.uk is a very comprehensive site if you have not seen it already)

    Please be careful on that hike….those snakes are a real danger! (even IF you don’t give a “f”….or maybe even moreso if you don’t!)

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