Homo’s…Blacks…The Fight for Life

April 24, 2017

I am Soo Jazzed….

after a wonderful weekend with my dear friends the Very Talented Actress, Director, Producer Meg Steedle  and her amigo Zach Bandler  the Talented Writer, Director, Producer, Actor and occasional wonderful waiter at Trois Mec…

They are so dear to me…Meg rented my spare room after her Stellar performance on “Boardwalk Empire”

Zach did the movie about my stories and Uncle Sumner that was up for all sorts of awards…which I will send a link to once it is public….

We had a ball together as we always do….time just disappeared into the sands of the desert…

Then my dear nephew Elliott came by with his wonderful girlfriend Martha …they had just come from Kauai…he is usually in China or Lichtenstein or gosh knows where… I was Very touched that they took the time to see me

And then to top it all I just heard from another  roommate in LA … two before Meg…a Wonderful Wonderful guy…who does so so Much for the world…Samy Alim…he worked at UCLA back then…left for Stanford where he taught for 8 years and Now is coming back to UCLA in the “David O Sears Presidential Chair in the Division of Social Sciences as Professor of Anthropology and African Studies”

He is openly Gay….and I was Happy to reconnect with him…..after all these years..


Well this IS a boring blog…..

Today I decided besides the novel I am writing which will be quirky and based on ALL of you and those no longer in my periscope…..

I am going to write an autobiography type book…possibly called “Homosexuality In The Enlightened Age”….a period from 1885 until I was born in 1946 and then go on to  now…

1886 was when Siegfried Sassoon was born…he was a WWI hero – pacifist – and poet…..

Have read a book  about his lover Stephen Tenant…who due to his wealth Never worked…he was an “Aesthete”….and frankly to me tho Absolutely Gorgeous in his youth…did Nothing for humanity….which reminds me of another one of “The Beautiful Young Things” people  (who all lived after the Great War …WWI)….and for some reason I just cannot bring myself to read it as it is titled “Brian Howard Portrait of a Failure”….now wouldn’t you Love to have your biography titled that way……

But this is more than about  Homo’s…as I am reading the WONDERFUL book about Zora Neale Hurston “Wrapped In Rainbows”….she was one of the first Black Women who was a writer and a Survivor

she died with  her dreams Accomplished …she had no desire for Beverly Hills wealth…had nothing in the bank on the day of her passing….

Maybe I should call the book “Survivors”….as being gay back in my day was a mental disease that could get you arrested and locked up ……

and there are so many black stories I would love to know more about…like back in 1905 64% of  Black schools were staffed by one teacher..19% by two teachers…the average expenditure for a black child was less than half of what was paid for a white child

I won’t use any of your names without permission…and if I decline your kind invitation to an event you are holding…

Please do Not be upset…as I love parties…it is just that at the age of 70…. the hours of the sand glass are going too fast toward the grave…dementia…etc etc…all those wonderful things that loom ahead of anyone of my age…
I just HAVE to put my nose to the grindstone…..

3 Responses to “Homo’s…Blacks…The Fight for Life”

  1. It’s a pity that most of us don’t feel this sense or urgency, no matter what our age is. For time passes and we cannot regain it….only race against that last grain leaving the glass.

    Do that work, Rob….all the work you need and wish to do, all the stories you want to tell….but please don’t even dream of leaving. Stay a bit yet. Please.

  2. Rob said

    Oh Thanks so much Janet….how touching!! xxR

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