Dear Friends Like Robert

May 15, 2017

There is something about Pachelbel’s Canon in D Minor that just transports me…to such a warm familiar place…..


I don’t quite know why……


Maybe because years ago when I attended St Albans in DC …and was one of those quiet…  odd boys…not a jock….who didn’t quite fit in…


A dear friend back in those formative years…Peter Bernhardt was allowed  to play the National Cathedral’s  organ as the fading afternoon floated in  through the brilliant  stain glass windows…. when most of the guys were out grunting on the football field…..


That organ was soo soo wonderful…as it had so many stops you could pull…well Peter did…from having cymbals, drums, and trumpets play up into that  magnificent soaring  structure…….


I am such an Anglophile…and read that Evelyn Waugh’s “Decline and Fall” was just released on “Acorn”…so joined it once again….and watched….


and WOW memories of my youth floated back…..being stripped naked all those years ago on the Dude ranch I worked on in Birney Montana…at the “Bones Brothers Ranch”….which actually though I worked a half day…my parents had to pay for


….it was all White Entitled Kids….


The owner “Pud” would advertise and catch these Eastern liberal parents ..offering room and board for their children for a cost…even tho their kids had to work half a day at the least…..


Well the other guys took a dislike to me as I did not swear back then…I mean this was in the late 50’s early 60’s…My father’s only swear word was “Jesus”….


And my mother’s was “Gosh Darn…


So what did this Midwestern born boy know??


But the guys came into the cabin I shared with Peter…put a cut pillow over my face as I slept…so all I breathed in were feathers…. and dragged me out into the dark  wheat fields and stripped me nude in front of their giggling girl friends….


I will Never forget the kindness of one of the girl friends who came back and said she was so sorry and handed back my pajamas (yes back in those days one did wear those)


I was just crying and cursing at my lot in  Life…but thankful for her kindness…


But in “Decline And Fall” there is a scene in the Second Episode where Pachelbel’s Canon in D Minor is played……


I returned to being 16 years old…lying naked  on a beach below my uncle’s house in Malibu as the ocean swept in…..


Memories are either WONDERFUl or painful….but they  have made you a Better person….for the experiences…


Last night I was with a dear dear friend Robert…whose life REALLY has been Camelot…


he married his high school sweetheart….a Gorgeous girl who looked like Grace Kelly…their wedding is one for the picture books….they have a Gorgeous daughter….


But as time went on …and this is back in the dark periods when homosexuality was not discussed…and was a “disease”.


And the only way I knew there was something wrong with these “odd guys”  was that my mother would not let in the front door the gay Fuller Brush salesman…at 5020 Glenbrook Road in DC….


I always wondered WHY was  she so rude to him…as she usually was so soo kind and nice to everyone I saw her encounter..


It was much later…in my Life that she admitted she had known for a Long time I was gay…this was Way before I knew …


she said as we lay sunning ourselves on our dock at Lake Namekagon in Wisconsin

…she felt it So Chic to have a “Gay son”….well it blew my mind away and stripped off all my fears…..


Robert part way through his marriage Knew he was gay…..and then met the divine Richard….his wife went on jury duty…was sequestered for over a month…..


They both changed… Lynne had really never experienced or thought about anything different since she was raised….the common scenario way  of white women back then….


I mean if a girl was not married by 21…there must be something wrong with her…as the years passed she was called a “spinster”…which meant  a Lesbian


Single men were OK…they were just called “Bachelors” my Gay Uncle Sumner….but as usual women always get the wrong end of the stick…( what does that old saying mean…)


As I sat eating dinner tonight…watching “Decline and Fall”…and gazing out at my pond…my 5 male Mallard ducks waddled up for dinner….


It’s so amusing to watch them…as they could fly…but prefer to waddle over the football field length…..


Could Life get  any better than listening to Pachelbel…..having my Wisconsin memories….


With my mallard ducks and Dear Friends like Robert………


4 Responses to “Dear Friends Like Robert”

  1. Ned said

    Lovely post, Rob!

  2. Jay Gusick said

    So wonderful, Robby… I floated through your prose as though I was listening to Pachabel’s Canon.

    And just like that splendid piece of music, the beauty carried just a tinge of wistfulness and melancholy. My eyes actually gathered tears at their corners as I finished reading it.

    Keep writing as the spirit moves you… because your writing moves me! – J

  3. Jim Lapidus said

    Had a magical evening! Same time next year?

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