A Brothel ????

September 12, 2017

Well I have decided to do a Pop Up  of  my Duck Chez Panisse ….at the most 3 times a week maybe only 2 times…as with only one server well it gets just too busy….


When I got back from the Libe this aft at 5…and I raised my blinds from the heat of the day


…well they all espied me from the pond and I was kind of Overwhelmed as first only One Head popped up from my pond…then 4 then 8…


the lead guy does this head move,  to move them all on Forward…….that we use to do on the disco way  back when….


…what was it the 80’s…Steve Martin parodied it on SNL…”The King Tut” dance where you move your head back and forth…


this Duckrathian Army appeared all of a sudden…and they all walk (not fly) in single file slowly STRAIGHT  toward me….why they don’t walk in pairs I don’t understand…


there were 19 of them tonight…


But One in particular was new…he must have been from Milwaukee….and not from Indio where all the males look like they are from after a long long exhausting  day of shopping at Walmart pushing their strollers ..


they have molted and lost their green headdress…and their pearl necklace….I mean the Women look SOO Much better than the males…for this brief season


But this guy reminded me of my dear friend from Milwaukee  Robert Parrish….


As tho he (Rev Parrish) had just stepped out of listening intently in his  confessional booth at St Gregory’s in Milwaukee…where Sister Jackie is the resident Mother Teresa….(God Bless her!!)


Robert ALWAYS dresses so sharply…he looks  so crisp…like a  Newly Tossed  Freshly Picked  Organic Garden Salad


As this Mallard’s headdress was that Brilliant Forest Green…his oh so white Clerical collar just so crisply right…and his warm brilliant orange Prada shoes…well put the other guys to shame with their  muddy imitations…..


I have been reading Graham Greene’s biography…written by Norman Sherry…only started Vol 1 which goes from 1904-1939…


Graham Oked him for the bio…and this first volume …779 pages …


I must say the more I read a biographer writing while their subject is alive..the more favorable and biased they are to him…or her….expecting accolades I guess….and less interesting to me


I have only read a third of the book…but switched to reading a friend of mines book…Chris Isherwood’s “Down There On A Visit”… which is divided into 4 parts…the second being “Mr Ambrose”…which in it he visits the Greek Island St Gregory…


Well I was shipwrecked on the Greek Sardonic Island “Georgios” in 1964 with two of my St Albans classmates…we had set out with the guide “Europe on $5.00”…


We had started a 3 month tour (graduation present from our parents)… in Hamburg where Peter’s father had bought a VW for him to drive in Europe but to bring back to the States…..well following “Europe on 5 Bucks” a day only meant you just ran into more Americans doing the same…


We threw the book into the bin after the 30th Cathedral…and  youth Hostel (very popular and nice..well sorta of back then)…..


We wanted the RAW experience….


We sailed from the Southern tip of Italy on a ferry to the Northern part of Greece…drove down in the dusty heat visiting many AMAZING Greek ruins….until one day…on this Mountain  gravel road.. (the side would drop  down to many many feet below)


a truck came barreling around the curve…hit us…smashing in the front and shatteringly popping out the window…pushing us to the Very Edge.. where we teetered….


Until the Greek driver and his amigo came rushing to help us….I was bleeding from the cut glass….they broke cigarettes apart to apply to our wounds…I thought they were crazy as I did NOT know the antiseptic uses of tobacco….they spoke only Greek


Well this led us to driving into Athens ind the dusky eve without a windshield….and the front of the car bashed in….with our cuts and nerves jangling…..


(oh this is getting too long…I still have to go out and take the Pop-Up down)


We stopped at a traffic light…and this attractive….sexy lady…in a low cut top came up to the car and said in broken English “Cheap Hotel”????


We said “YES!!!”


We opened the door and she slithered into the back seat with John….and directed us …


To this “hotel” that turned out …as we awoke the next morning


To be a brothel………………….

One Response to “A Brothel ????”

  1. Janet Nelson-Alvarez said

    Rob, you are being such a tease!!!! do we have to wait til next week for what happened next? (btw, all of us……silly ducks…..are more than glad you survived that teeter-totter….what would we do without these wonderful, beautifully drawn pop ups?)

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