Grab a Milwaukeean and Polka down the Beach into the sunset

September 27, 2017

have you ever skinned a fish or disembowelled a Duck…..


I ran into someone I will call merely an acquaintance who told me how his father…a farmer…slaughtered his animals….how he Loved and prided himself on his shooting…


how he loved to shoot Mallards…..and how one day he had plucked them…and in disemboweling one…he found 8 soft not yet really formed eggs…..


I cannot tell you how upset I was……though I do understand that is the way Life is…the Circle of Life


…tho sometime I think it does not circle back….especially these days…


I had 31 dinner guest tonight…and noticed that the men are getting backing back their Full regalia with their oh so white minister’s collar and Full regal green Headdress….


Talking about ducks …a dear friend left off a mystery package without a card….or return address…at my door….for my birthday…inside were two of the most beautiful hand crafted ducks that are now swimming on my glass dining table….


I just finished Christopher Isherwood’s Vol 1 diary from 1939-1960….which is almost 1000 pages…he gave me it years ago…but it was Just too many pages to  casually read….but it IS interesting what he thought of Paul my first and really Best Lover..out of 7 (over 2 years with each)


….and you have to know that Paul had an affair with Don Bachardy – Chris’s partner..(one of the First Out Gay couples way back when….they were 30 years different in age…


Paul had a “studio”   at the back of his property on Norma Place….that Don used as his studio for a short period before Paul kept dropping in …inhibiting Don’s work… was a reconverted garage…


Paul and I were at least 25 years apart…..I left him 3 times…we had a kite business in Beverly Hills on Wilshire across from Neimans…and a store in the Galleria in Houston….and an old British Austin hearse that the Beattles had once owned which we painted Bright Yellow and wrote “Its Time To Fly A Kite” (the name of our shop)….on the side…and motored down to the Santa Monica beach at Entrada and PCH…not far from Don and Chris’s house on Adelaide….


This beach had a Gay side and a straight side…one side all of the Handsome  Gay men in their Speedo’s  lay on their beach towels….on the other side were the Straight “macho” men…playing Volley Ball or surfing…..


There was only an occasional scuffle…..


The gay beach was called by us “Ginger Rogers”…..


Reading Chris’s 1st volume …well alot of old friends names came up and the stars Paul, Chris and Don were associated with…..Marion Davies…Tony Richardson…who had an affair with Wyatt Cooper…Gloria Vanderbilt’s later husband and Anderson’s father….Charles Laughton…Greta Garbo, Tennessee, Truman  etc etc…..


in some ways reading these diaries…have been depressing…as Chris was constantly worried about finances (well who hasn’t been)…but was sort of so negatively depressed and sick……was impotent…worried constantly about Don leaving him…..


Oh enough of this…the disemboweling of my Mallards set me off….


I just want to tell you …..


If you are ever lucky enough to meet someone from Milwaukee….natively born….GRAB them…..and Your Life will be Better for it…


My Father’s mother was born in Milwaukee …I unfortunately never had the chance to meet her….


but since living down in Palm Springs….there are tons of people that hail from that unbelieveable city…..


They are the Kindest MOST  Caring and Giving of any group of people I have EVER met….Anywhere…..


Having spent my Formative years in the East…these guys just blow my mind away… Doing Anything to help anyone…..without a second thought…..


So grab a Milwaukeean and polka down the beach…..


(lord this Blog is so boring I hesitate in posting it

…guess the disembowelled Mallard with the 8 eggs has thrown me…)

3 Responses to “Grab a Milwaukeean and Polka down the Beach into the sunset”

  1. Tom Thompson said

    What an interesting read. I learned a lot about you and your family and your fascinating experiences and adventures through out your life. You are a natural writer. Good job!!! Tom

  2. Janet Nelson-Alvarez said

    boring??? Not!!!! Wonderful, more like! Keep going, Rob.

  3. Jay said

    Boring?!? Hardly! I devoured it.

    Question: why are you discriminating against people from other parts of Wisconsin? Why are you placing a higher station on Milwaukeesns when the people from Madison, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Wausau, Appleton, etc We are all cut from the same cloth… we all learned to polka with old ladies at weddings as children, we tend to have a slightly sarcastic sense of humor, we (usually) all handle our liquor well, and we tend to be from “good stock” — not in the east coast monied sense, but rather from German, Norwegian, Swedish, or British Isles stock.

    Keep writing my friend! (I hope you know I am just giving you a hard time (because that’s what people from Wisconsin often do to acknowledge and subtly express appreciation… since we din’t Want anyone taking themselves too seriously!)

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