Fight For What You Deeply Believe In!!! Viva Catalonia!!! (or to be Correct in Catalan “Visca Catalunya”)

October 18, 2017

I hung..out the sign for my amigos the fowl type…that the Pop Up Chez Pannise has been closed until next Spring when ducklings will appear….


as they did this year…all 6 of them.. when I saw them wobbling right out of the nest hunting to eat….was when the Pop Up started…..


I was SOO relieved as I saw them grow to where they ALL  could fly ….


The year before I witnessed a hawk attacking and grabbing one baby when they were all running to the pond… the mother screeched and raised a wing in combat to No  avail….


And besides the out of state “Snow Birds”  from BC and Oregon are returning and feeding them…so I don’t worry ….


I have been reading lately for the novel I am working on…about  the people that were in “help” before and  after the Great War (WWI)…..which destroyed the Upper Class in England and elsewhere….


So have finished “Diamonds At Dinner” by Hilda Newman…. She  is Still alive and about the age of what my mum would be…..101


It is interesting her experiences…she fell in love with the chauffeur (of Croome Court where she was the Lady’s maid…giving her status over the kitchen help….she even had someone who brought her tea every day and drew a bath for her…something she NEVER had in her life before as she grew up with no indoor plumbing or electricity)


She married Roland the chauffeur ….(back then the help were not allowed to date each other as it would ruin the hierarchy..cause chaos in the system of upstairs and downstairs…and you would be fired without any references)


The other book is a novel by Kazu Ishiguiro “The Remains Of The Day”….he won the Booker Prize for this …about a butler…After the “Great War”….who is still at the Estate  that he worked at before all of this dismality changed life forever for soo sooo many …Darlington Hall is now (in the novel) owned by an American who does not quite know English customs….


But he does give his butler time off as he goes back to America….for several weeks…and this butler has been allowed to drive the posh car around the local country  with the gas being paid for by his employer (gosh wish I had had such a boss)


And this is when the butler ruminates over his life…as a butler… Darlington


I really never knew a “butler” tho mother did have one that she hired for the parties she gave… a Wonderful Wonderful Man…”Delphine” from the Phillipines…he was what you can imagine…with the greying hair and would bow subtlely….with that wonderful tux on…..


And now that I think of it wonderful Aunt Mary did not bring any from the East to Forest Lodge……though the wonderful German “Hildy” did in early days serve drinks….on that Wonderful (gosh have I used that word Enough) screened in porch overlooking at a distance…Lake.Namekagon……..which she owned a good slice of…..


My Grand…my mother’s mother did have in her house the old bell system like Downton Abbey…where there were buttons in all the rooms which you could push (even under the carpet in the dining room) and in the pantry was the call board that showed whether Miss Jane or Mrs P had rung from their boudoir….


My Grand Never used the bell system as she had only a weekly lady that came in to do the laundry…but I LOVED pushing the buttons and Imaging what could have happened once way before WWII and back to WWI….(Amelia Earhart lived in the  house way before my grand..this is in St Paul MN)


but I am still plowing through the 2 bios on EM Forster (he wrote “Howard’s End”…a “Passage to India”…..etc)…it is QUITE depressing…realizing how Homosexuality was Sooo (well it still is in most areas)….way back then….


I can only speak from experience…when I grew up I had NO idea about it…when I went thru puberty was when I realized I was attracted to men…but just thought it was weird and I would pass thru this stage…so dated a lot of wonderful and some not so wonderful girls…planning eventually to marry one….


It was my second “senior year” at Carleton….(I had dropped out just 3 months before I was to graduate due to my love for my roommate and the girl we mutually loved)


Thanks to my father’s pull (he and his brother had attended the college but his brother   had died after a basketball game in the winter  due to pneumonia…… plus my grand gave a Basketball cup in my dead uncle’s memory)


I was allowed back in and given the college guest room….on its own floor (it was off the landing)…its own bath…and its own phone….yes I KNOW this is soo Wrong…but you have to think of the times…we were not that far off from WWII…the depression….so much had changed but Mentally NOT


But this second “Senior” year at Carleton College…I was sitting on the floor in the Women’s Basketball gym….figuring out What I should enroll in…as I only had one semester to finish….


And that is when Patrick Milburn approached…he had a red beard….and was so F…ing sexually appealing….and by this time I had experienced sex with several men…tho I was like Scarlet in Gone with the Wind…wanting to give myself only to Mr Right (stop laughing Bobbie and Geoffrey)


I mean frankly I thought you ONLY had/made love with someone who was IT…someone you Truly Loved…none of these one night sexual  stands that most men preferred…yes I WAS different….but have had 7 lovers that lived with me or I them…


As Agnes Gooch said in Auntie Mame…”Oh Gosh I have LIVED”…as she came down the circular staircase pregnant…


But as I was sitting on the floor of the Girl’s Gym…Patrick came up and sat down with me…I had NO idea Who he was…so told him I was just trying to figure out my class schedule….he asked me for coffee….


I found out that he WAS one of  the most admired and  sought after Professors on the campus…that he was sort of a Genius….


He would invite me into his lab late at night and show me a REAL Black Tarantula from the deepest darkest desert of the Sahara…..(yes scientist Thomas…I am probably wrong on Where….but carry on with me)


And he would  let me touch the tarantula   …pick it up…I was not into “Science” but learned Soo Much from him


He lived in a spartan off campus Prof’s dorm..(where NO student was allowed)….single room with a hard monk’s bed….and small kitchen….


One day I was lying nude (and you have to remember this is BACK when I was like 22 and had a damn good body) on his monk’s bed…and heard him coming up the stairs….then heard a crash and his gasping and then crying….


He came into the room…and said “Rob you Have to Go…our affair is OVER”…


I asked Why…


he said I bought this expensive beautifully shaped bottle of Olive Oil from Spain…as the bottle reminded me of your body…..and it just broke…


E Morgan Forster…at the end of the day did not have the balls that Oscar Wilde did back then…but who did…I know I would not have….


Morgan was to spend his life lusting after other men…thinking it was WRONG….


His last novel “Maurice” about 2 men loving each other was written between 1913-1914…revised in 1932, 1959-60 but NOT  published until 1971…and he was born in 1879 and died in 1970…so it was published After he had died….


So I guess what I am saying is that Times have changed dramatically since my parent’s generation…and even mine…..


The Vietnam War…and AIDS took 90 %  of my friends…..


So all I can say is Pursue your feelings though you are Told they are Wrong…..


And thinking of my dear friend Laura Mans…who is Catalan


Viva Catalonia!!!!

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