I Apologize To Liz for my physical abuse

November 28, 2017

What with the Harvey Weinstein matter


..well it has made me wonder if I have ever physically abused a female…..


And in retrospect I am GUILTY…..it was like my Junior year at St Albans..  The school I attended from Fourth Grade to 12th…50 guys in our class…well it varied….as who flunked out..moved cities…..etc etc


I was Always trying to be “one of the guys”…which I Never Ever accomplished…but this one time there were 5 jocks and Me (WHY  I cannot remember)…must have been after one of my athletically challenging  birthday parties  that my father loved to throw…and they felt I was accepted momentarily into their club…tho I was NOT a jock…not allowed to play football as I was too puny  and did not weigh enough in 4th grade…


.. We were talking about who had gotten to First Base (kissing) Second Base (necking) or Third Base which I think meant something like below the waist….


I mean I was so sexually naive in 1963…I had only learned how to masturbate thanks to Peter Bernhardt…when we spent the summer helping to bale hay  at the Bones Brothers in Birney Montana where our parents had paid for us to be manual half day laborers….to get rid of us for the summer and our Dads felt the experience “built Character”…..


Peter – a classmate from STA – whose mother “Iris” was Canadian and a WILD petite thing…she use to  almost stand in the back of their Huge   Caddie and “Twist”…(a popular dance back then where you moved your fore foot as though you were extinquishing a cigarette …as you moved your hips right and left…..) to the music on the radio as “Bernie” Peter’s father (who ONLY liked classical music) drove us stoically  down to a ski “resort”…rope pull only (no chair lifts)…in West Virginia…


Bernie I always liked as he was older and very mellow and Iris must have been his second wife…..she Was a “Firecracker”!!!!


Sorry for the digression…but Peter told me in our cabin one night how Peter Lanahan…(F Scott Fitzgerald’s grandson) masturbated all the time….and I asked him to explain it to me….which he did…and I thought OH that is what one does with a “woodie”…..


Yes I was naive….


Anyway I and these 5 jocks decided to take our girls out to a movie theatre and “neck”…we would sit in the back row….


I asked Liz Murray whom I knew I guess from dancing school..or maybe her brother as he was in my Class…whom I hated as he was Gorrilla  BIG and bullied me….and her parents house was kinda creepy..dark…..Gothic/Victorian…doilies on all the tables and furniture…that was over stuffed and like velvet…I always could NOT wait to get out of that place…..her parents were nice but when I look back…. seemed like Stepford parents…..her mother seemed to always hover in the shadows of the Living Room…but maybe age has embellished that memory……..


Anyway we all met at the local theatre….and we all sat in the back row….and about half way through we started to “neck”…well I thought “necking” meant you had to grab hold of the girl’s neck and pull it close to your’s….


Well I tried this out on Liz and she SCREAMED….and the other guys roared with laughter…..I did not know what I had done wrong…..


And that is my only physical abuse of a female……(sigh!!!)


This season always brings back the memory of my Grandmother playing Christmas Carols on  the piano at our house in DC on Glenbrook Road…and she also played at the Walter Ridder house in the posher area across the Potomac River in Virginia….on a bluff overlooking it…


next door to Hugh Auchincloss (Gore Vidal’s stepfather …and Jackie Kennedy’s stepfather….)


which makes me remember that Jackie’s mother Janet Lee Bouvier and I were with my friend Anders Boheman’s  (from STA)…with his parents  in Sweden (Ander’s father was Ambassador to the US at the time…) I was staying on their ranch…outside of Stockholm but went into pick up Janet to give her a tour of Stockholm…I was like so ho hum about it…that I now wish I had been 10 years older….as there were so many questions I would have politely asked….


Oh but getting back to my grandmother…the Christmas Party the Ridders threw was just Wonderful….maids in their uniforms everywhere….food just unbelieveable..those Swedish cookies that are paper thin and curl…….


we…all like 50 of us….  dressed to the nines   in a lower room looking out on the swimming pool… coldly ….shimmering in its Moonlit beauty…..


There was One Extremely  Beautiful women…. Marie  Ridder (?) ….but when my Grand played “Oh Holy Night”…..she was the ONLY one in the room  who could reach the High Note of B Flat (David)….she was on crutches as she   had been thrown from the deck of the Andrea Doria onto the deck of  the MS Stockholm…as they collided all those years ago….


It was a spellbound  induced  moment…


we all gasped…and looked at this  Intense Black haired Beauty…..


A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my many blog followers!!!!!




And if you want a Fabulous track to play …Mary J Blige’s (from Mudbound) “Mighty River” is a keeper!!!!!

One Response to “I Apologize To Liz for my physical abuse”

  1. Sumner Matteson said

    Evocative. Memorable. Brilliant. Like you.

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