You Only Get Back what you Give

December 27, 2017

How many friends of mine, I wonder have been bullied in school or sexually wrongfully approached….


It was a different Environment when I grew up through  St Albans…as back in the 50’s and 60’s…a male was Expected to Prove himself by conquering a female….without any thought except for accolades by your male peers….and that is why  in one of my last blogs I described what a failure I was at “necking”…when all 5 of us guys took our dates and sat in the back row of a movie  theater in DC….in the early 60’s… “neck”…..


I have been watching a fascinating sort of reality show on Harrow in the UK where Many prominent wealthy privileged mainly white …but also black and asian boys go…that starts like in the 8th grade…cost like $50,000…where their parents started to put in their son’s names when they were born…


I just read that they have to wait now until the boys are 11….to put in the kids name


This show is fairly recent as all the boys have cells….cheat with them on tests etc etc…


And they in their first year (which is 8th grade for us…”2nd Form” for me) have to put on a play…some in bras wigs …dresses lipstick…something that would never have happened in my day…it brought them supposedly  closer in their first year… did playing sports…


What I will go to my grave wondering…well I was the odd chap always…the misfit…St Albans would NOT let me on their football team in 4th grade as I was underweight and too puny…which meant I could Never Be…it was upsetting as my father had been a Star on all the teams he played…football, baseball, basketball etc etc….but consequently I did not get on the basketball team or the baseball team…was assigned with the other losers to “Troop 19”….. who played soccer when the others played football….played tennis when the others played baseball (for this I was Very Glad as I Loved Tennis)….


I just wonder if I had been able to play with the rest of the guys in Football, etc…whether I would have developed differently …been less bullied…..I was never though one for team sports as when I did play softball with the family on weekends  …I was always put out in Left Field and prayed that no one hit a ball my way


I just wonder if anyone experienced the nightmare I went through….and had to prove back then ….. Their maleness…femaleness


Winston Churchill went to Harrow….have been reading a Wonderful book about his family called “The Churchills In Love and War”….full of tidbits of gossip I Love!!!


Tho It was sad to read that he was a bully


One of his ancestors…John Churchill (died 1722)…the first Duke of Marlborough…was so frugal that he would not dot his i’s or cross his t’s as he felt it was a waste of ink…he was passionately in love with the woman he married…Sarah…wed her against his parents wishes…and produced many a profligate child…..who lost the Churchill money


until Winston’s grandfather came along in 1822…he was the 7th Duke of Marlborough….who started to make money


Winston’s father Randolph married a wealthy  American  beauty many a Titled impoverished Brits did…as the Great War…the inheritance tax…reduced them to having Fabulous homes but no money….


His mother’s name was Jennie and she was reputed to have had over 200 lovers in her lifetime….her son “Jack” … Winston’s brother being supposedly an affair she had in Ireland


Am glad I Never had the money or desire for 200 lovers….But am so Soo Happy for the Life I Have….


And WHY me…I Really will never know…I just am a strong believer in Karma….Bardwell Smith’s Buddhism class at Carleton College  resonated with me way back then and still does….


You Only Get Back what you Give………..

One Response to “You Only Get Back what you Give”

  1. jan said

    like Billy Joel said: “I (we) love you just the way you are”. But it makes me sad that you should even need to think/ask how your life might have gone if you’d played sports, been ‘one of the guys’. It makes me sad that you were bullied. I hope we have a better and more intelligent world now. A Happy New Year to you, Rob. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful stories!

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