To Know Robert Parrish Is to Know Magic!!

January 1, 2018

This New Year’s Has been my BEST in Many a Many a year….. is Such an uplifting end of a pretty Dismal year…what with politics and the loss of too many dear friends….


My dear friend Robert  invited me and dear, sweet, sensitive Anthony Mendez and his husband the Soo Soo talented James Lapidus  to dine with him at Melvyn’s…one of the oldest  restaurants in Palm Springs…where you can dress up……we all love wearing Formal…so all dressed in Tuxes…something I have not done for Many a Many a year…I thought I had forgot how to tie a black tie (bow)…and realized if I did not study myself so hard  in the mirror  I could do it very naturally (as I in my earlier days attended debutante parties in DC where it was naturally expected)


And voila it was done…


We strode into Melvyn’s…and were admired by many as we really are the last  people in existence at this point   who will choose to wear black tie (it Does Make Such an Elegant Statement)….sort of quite specially wonderful!!!!


They seated us at the Center table…and many a wonderfully younger women were dressed in sparkly sequins….and smiled at us  as they  silently ate dinner with their husbands or partners….blew kisses at us as they left


There was this wonderful vibe in the room…


and I have to admit our waiter screwed up our initial drink order…so he knew we were unhappy with him until Anthony showed him his usual kindness (Anthony is this Very Handsome man who takes care of people in the last chapter of their life….he is quiet but you can feel he is as strong  as steel….he just has this silent stedfast gift…and what touched me about him was that he had us all (dressed in our tuxes)  hold hands in a circle around our dining table as he said a prayer…)


…. he said something to the waiter that melted the waiter’s heart he  became this wonderfully Kind attentive very Happy  man all of a sudden….(it is amazing what kindness can get you)


We had  a wonderful 5 course or was it 6 course  dinner….with lots of laughter…and when it ended ….well it was still early so Robert said let’s go to the bar (near the dance floor…where the musician was performing)….


As we left the dining area this drop dead man (he had that wonderful tousled curly  longish hair look was probably in his late 20’s but a natural smile that would knock anyone out) was holding his adorable daughter dressed like in a puffy princess dress…she had been running earlier through the restaurant with her nanny…chasing … trying to keep up…I asked him how old she was…he smiled in this knock dead wonderfully touching way and proudly said “one and a half”….I said you are so Lucky…he Beamed……


Robert  or was it Jim ordered “Black Russians”…a drink I have not had like in 40 years…..the drinks were served…the music was playing and there was this lone (sort of sad kind of inebriated) woman in her pink tights…dancing with herself on the floor…..Robert left and went and took her hand…told her to put her martini down….and they danced…he very elegantly….she well she was having a good time….they were the only ones on the floor…the music stopped…he came back


…when the music started again..EVERYONE was on the dance floor…it was jammed pack… to us across the aisle was this very young girl with her parents…a Very Attractive couple… her father asked his daughter to dance…


Robert asked me to dance…it was soo soo magical…Linda came up and joined us…Robert told her to put her maritini glass down again….…


…and then Robert asked the little girl’s father if he could dance with his daughter….


I CANNOT tell you the SMILE that came across this eleven year old girl….it MADE the whole evening!!!!


She was Sooo Sooo Happy….a moment in time she will NEVER forget!!!!


Robert has this natural God given ability to GIVE so much of himself without batting an eye to make other people  Happy…whether it is his gardener…or a classmate he met 60 years ago…….it is magical to behold and just makes me smile the more I know this dear dear man….


The music ended and we all retired to our drinks….then the music started again…Robert went over and asked this young girl’s father and mother if he could dance with their daughter….well I CANNOT tell you the smile that Illuminated  across all 3 of THEIR  Faces….


it was a truly Special  Moment…like the room became all of a sudden quiet and Everyone just smiled…..very very elegantly slowly…..the feeling one gets as one tries to take in the Exquisite Wonderment of a Renaissance painting…as your gaze goes from left to right ever so slowly


….an Experience  that I will Never Ever forget!!!


They left for the dance floor and then I asked the mother if she would dance with me…she was/is Sooo Gorgeous!!!


As we were dancing I asked where they were from…


Calgary…they come down twice a year…


usually have spent New Year’s at Le Valaurius….but decided this year to try Melvyn’s…..


We were smiling sooo soo much…I have Never been Happier at the kindness that Robert naturally threw out


I said  we HAVE to do this next year..same place, same time…


she said IT IS A DATE!!!!…


to know Robert Parrish is to know Magic!!!

2 Responses to “To Know Robert Parrish Is to Know Magic!!”

  1. jan said

    when you are invited by such a magical person to participate in magic…..I think that must mean you are pretty magical yourself.

    This, like all of your stories, is beautiful and quite decidedly magical. Happy, Happy New Year, Rob, and may many magical ones follow.

  2. Liz said

    To know Robert Matteson is to know magic!!

    What a delightful evening you experienced and helped create!

    I love how you described taking in the scene:
    “It was a truly Special Moment…like the room became all of a sudden quiet and Everyone just smiled…..very very elegantly slowly…..the feeling one gets as one tries to take in the Exquisite Wonderment of a Renaissance painting…as your gaze goes from left to right ever so slowly”


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