Don’t Bother to read …just boring trivia

February 22, 2018

6 male Mallards now..and a single straight  couple come to dine alone…she is looking for a nest as I see them in the front of the house…when they usually would be on the pond….


I just watched on Netflix a Hungarian film up for Best Foreign Film called “On Body and Soul”…Very quirky but my kind of Quirky…most won’t like it as it has subtitles but is basically a love story and as Wiki says:



Endre and Mária work together in a slaughterhouse and have the same dream every night. They meet as deer in the forest. They realize this during an investigation when a psychologist interrogates everybody at the company where they work. Endre is the CFO and Mária is the precise quality inspector who has autistic behaviour. They are searching for the love that they have found as deer in their dreams, but it is more difficult in real life.


I was so afraid it would have an unhappy Bloody ending but it does not…


This has been my week for annual checkups by doctors and meeting new docs…and am Sooo Glad it is over….


I have had a hard time seeing in driving due to the bags over my eyes…almost hit cars at two different intervals plus almost turned a cyclist into Melba Toast…so my GP told me of a doc who could do corrective surgery and remove the voluminous bags over my upper eyelids….I went to his office yesterday and it was Packed with women…I guess for botox…anyway his majordomo Kyle..a Very nice woman who has had a bit TOO much work done took me back to her office with tons of pictures of poodles….and we chatted…and she said well what you  want is  to have the “pillow”s taken out of your eyes…it is Very Easy…takes about an hour and you can drive home….she then showed me pictures of Old men (I keep forgetting I am an “old man”)

…well I must say I physically won’t look any different as I had to ask her which were the Before pictures…and which were the After pictures….


And then I met the Doc…he was nice in a nerdy way…didn’t look like he had any work done…was I have NO idea what age…but looked like early 50’s…he use to live in LA and we talked and talked (like he wouldn’t stop)….somehow ended up talking about the disused nuclear plant at San Onofre (sp?)…which led us to talk about Chernobyl….and deformed deer….(I didn’t sleep well that night).


And then my GP…who a year ago had prescribed a pill for my enlarged prostate an awful pill that frankly screwed up my morning walks to where I had to cling at times onto lamp posts as I got so dizzy..well this time he prescribed cialis…which I will try tonight…but frankly don’t want to walk around with an erection on my early morning walks either…but guess it is better than clinging onto lamp posts


The one Wonderful thing I have learned in my 70’s is the kindness of Midwesterners…especially for some reason people from Milwaukee…they are like the long lost tribe in the deepest forests of the Amazon that I have stumbled upon…


They just are a Different bunch of People…and I marvel at all of them and love them deeply for their spontaneous kindness…

One Response to “Don’t Bother to read …just boring trivia”

  1. Sugz said

    Write-on, Rob! Milwaukeeans are great people!

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