(well 7 of my Mallards visit me 3 times a day…but only one female who is chased with her mate once they try to land…and I KNOW she must be pregnant…interesting that there are NO other females around….)


..As Lady Towyn (Claire Foy) said to Lady Holland (Keeley Hawes) when she offered her …her wonderful fur….from the “Upstairs Downstairs” show of 2010…the original being in 1971-75


I fell so into the well of WWII that it drew  me naturally to WWI as they occurred so close…WWI 1914 (when my Dad was born) to 1918 (when his brother, my Uncle was born)….and WWII which both were in …went from 1939-1945 (and I was born in 46 and my older sister in 40)


So I have been reading…well I first started off with the Fabulous Mitford family…an upper class family…where Diana was the Great Beauty…married a Guinness of Guinness Beer only to fall in love with the Fascist leader Oswald Mosley…..and get married in Germany witnessed by Hilter and Goebells …Unity fell in love  with Hitler…and told her family that if Gt Britain EVER declared war on Germany she would shoot herself…which she did…Hitler arranged for a private train to carry her to Switzerland so her family could collect her….the only Mitford boy was killed during the war…Jessica became a Communist and moved to Berkeley after husband was shot down by the Germans…the only sort of regular ones were Pamela and  Deborah (Debbo)….who was the youngest and was not into family drama or politics….her memoirs is called “Wait For Me”…being the youngest she was always left behind….


I guess I have read something like 50 books so far and watched countless films on Netflix and Youtube…and the fascination just Grows Stronger…as one book or film will lead to another…


Am reading an Excellent book “Lawrence In Arabia”…by Scott Anderson….and man it is Sooo Fascinating how that small (5 foot 3)….“taciturn and painfully shy” man did so much to influence the way the world in the Middle East … Is today….


How the Sykes (a Brit)-Picot (French)Agreement of 1916 that was to establish the formation of the Middle East…. was such a deception…


Aaron Aaronson..a brilliant man who was so influential in establishing the present state of Israel ….(tho his sister at the time had a German lover…)


France wanted what was to be  Syria…the Brits wanted what was to be Iraq…the Turks wanted Everything as did their partners the German…and of course with the collapse of the Tsardom the Russians Wanted Everything they could get….oh and let me not forget Standard Oil (formerly of New Jersey)..then  of New York…. Wanted all the Oil…and had sent out men to buy land before the war started and they schmoozed Everyone…..with their millions an baseless promises…


…and the Arabs were played which Lawrence realized…he was an Unbeliveable human being….and I gather due to his complex about being so small…. he was admired by the Arabs for being able to endure the brutality of the hottest desert climate ..(he suffered so many times from dysentery as he rode a camel into the sand storms for many weeks)…he was a confidant of King Hussein…who told him to wear Arab dress so he did Not stand out as a Brit….


But he found out that Mark Sykes was a liar…that he “epitomized that vexing feature of Edwardian England, the aristocratic gadfly – a man who could gain a hearing for his reckless ideas by virtue of his pedigree and the breezy confidence with which he voiced themes……”


In my search…I have found out that autobiographies and those biographies written by friends of the family are NOT that truthful..as Scott Anderson says about Lawrence’s book “7 Pillars” …”it was rife with self justifications”….


.. and the whole quote in the beginning of this blog  is:


“…are you sure you can’t wear one of my furs…


Agnes dear….I’d sooner swathe myself in giblets…besides Mr Amanit and I have work to do…I Can’t have dead pelts flapping around my wrists….”


Something some of my friends would say…and yes ALL from Milwaukee …Jackie, David, and Robert….



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