That Blue Box….If I Stand On my tippy toes can I reach it……

March 5, 2018

Well it must be the Mallards “White Party” in PS as I have never seen so many males (like 50) and very few females…guess they are all off protesting…with their “MeToo” movement…and after seeing how the males treat them I Totally understand….


I put out feed when I noticed one lone female with her mate…and man did the other guys  7 of them fly in and treat them like S…  her mate was wrestling at one time and had his bill on the other guys neck and his flippers up pushing at the other guys fat stomach….as the other 6 males attacked his gal…it was Quite horrible….I wanted to go out and say NUFF…but I don’t speak Mallardese…..(sigh) so they would have thought Oh here is another White guy who does not understand anything but cocktail parties…white income…and the size of busts or penises……..


Which makes me think of my Favorite show on SHO…”Chi” (for Chicago) and pronounced “Shy”… is Sooo Wonderful….how I wish that show had been on rather than “Leave It To Beaver” or “Ozzie and Harriet”….back in my formative years……


As this show portrays Life the way it IS!!!


  Full of humor and reality…at one point I could not help but laugh as these 3 friends…guys in their I guess 10’s or 11’s or 12’s…well one is sent out by one of his moms to do the shopping…and when they get to the tampon section…their son is Totally “I’m NOT doing this aisle”…whereas his nerdy friend says ….I have done this for my Moms….and says I will just call yours…which he does and goes onto ask WHICH do they want…..


As I remember shopping for probably my sister as I can’t imagine my mother asking me to…and I remember it was a blue box marked “Kotex” on the TOP shelf…and I had to ask someone to get it down….of course back then they did not have tampons or  the different sizes and the scents etc etc….that they have was Just so embarrassing as well it was NEVER talked about in our family as it was probably not in most……


I just finished “Assignment Churchill” written by Winston’s Scotland Yard bodyguard Inspector Walter Thompson….assigned to him in 1921 right after WWI and then assigned to him throughout WWII


I have read 5 books on the Churchills so far…and I cannot tell you how different the world would be now if Winston and his fabulous wife Clementine had Not been in it…as Winston had Such a Strong belief in the evils of Hitler when the rest of the UK was favoring him over Communism….which totally disagreed with their noble feelings….of entitlement…..


Winston made many an error…but pushed on in his belief in the evils of Nazism….and all I can say is Thank God he did….


He set out to develop an attachment and friendship with Roosevelt and the US…which did NOT want to enter the they saw it as a European event…Joseph Kennedy – our ambassador to the UK felt that Churchill was crazy as Hitler was not that bad….he was for appeasement as was the UK Prime Minister Chamberlain….


But Winston and Clementine were such such remarkable people…


Winston’s mother “Jennie” was an American who in her life had over 200 lovers…she always needed a man in her bed…she and Winston’s father Randolph had an “open relationship”…Randolph died of syphilis….she was at his bed holding him as he passed on…..


Randolph’s nephew “Sunny” …Winston’s cousin…who was the 9th Duke of Marlborough..and lived in Blenheim Palace…married Consuelo Vanderbilt…(her mother made her)…for her money and to save and restore Benheim…which has 187 rooms and is on 2000 acres…..and where Winston was born in the Organist’s simple room…(I hope to see it this fall)….


Sunny and Consuelo’s  marriage did not last long…like in the “dining room” it was so long and they were placed at either end of the table  making conversation impossible…so Consuelo took up knitting at her end…and Sunny would get up and talk to himself as he ambled around before the next course came in from the kitchen downstairs….


Adultery was widespread among the upper classes back then as divorce was unacceptable …as it would play havoc with the estates….as a male heir once secured…would proved the success of an estate….


An affair outside of marriage was called “cinq a sept”… it was the code word as it was between these hours  5 o’clock until 7 …that the servants were off …as it occured between “tea” and dressing for dinner….


Jennie’s mother..Winston’s grand whom he never knew…told Jennie of her Iroquois background but told her NEVER to tell anyone as it was not “chic”…..


I just wish I had been born a bit maybe I could have reached that blue box… on my tippy toes….

2 Responses to “That Blue Box….If I Stand On my tippy toes can I reach it……”

  1. Jay Gusick said

    Gads I hated having to get tampons for my mom as a little kid… like 8 or 9. SO embarrassing!

    She’d also made me “run to Minettie’s (an IGA) to get me a pack of smokes.”

    For both these items, I made her work for it, though… pushing back via heavy-duty bargaining: “Not unless you write me a note so they know these are for you.” And “Only if I can buy a pack of Juicy Fruit gum with the leftover change.”

    Thanks for sharing your memories so that mine got triggered.

  2. jan said

    Rob, did you see “Darkest Hour” yet? You might like it….it feels very ‘balanced’ in depicting the events of the time and those who shaped the world…..

    and…..just in my humble opinion…..people should not ask others to do their personal product buying unless they are invalids.

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