Exploding Seat Belts

April 8, 2018

I just returned from SF….helping my older sister recover from a knee replacement (she is 76 years young..5 years older than I am)….and Gosh I am a Terrible nurse…have NO patience that showed on my face the first day I was there…which upset her……I so wish I had a Poker face…but alas..


I was on Virgin America…my Favorite airline….had paid for the upgrade to Main Cabin Select…due to avoid stress..with my colitis


Seated next  to the window…in 3F…we were half way through the flight..two men younger than me on my left…the guy on the aisle was reading I think…the guy to my left was drinking a new cup of hot  coffee..when ALL of a sudden there was this big BANG…an explosion…the only thing I knew was that my wrist hurt intensely like it was broken…(it is not..has just swollen up to the size of a watermelon ..have frozen peas on it now).


Hot Coffee was dripping down from the ceiling on all over the three of us….


The flight attendants were more than Wonderful (they had us move to other seats in the back as the pilot felt our seatbelts might not be up to snuff) 

the pilot…an Aussie I think..was also so wonderful…..he  said as we were leaving the plane that he would put in for us to be compensated….VA sent by email (almost Immediately)  a credit for my VA travel  account for $200….which is nice…but being on a fixed income and only traveling like once a year…it does not help pay my dry cleaning bill or the upgrade to Main Cabin Select…


I have Never flown in a plane that has airbags in the seat belts …when I went to cinch myself in I noticed the seat belt being bulky and Fat on the left side…and then when it exploded….and almost immediately deflated I realized it Really is useless….and after spending the last week with 4 kids under the age of 10…my grand nephews and grand neice….I was so glad that no children were in our seats..as say if one had been coloring in a book….the crayon might have hit his/her eye besides giving he/her PTSD…as at that age I Know how things stick with one throughout life


So my advice to those travelling with young kids….is to check to make sure the plane does NOT have airbags in their seat belt….as NO child needs to go through this…well nor does an adult 

2 Responses to “Exploding Seat Belts”

  1. jan said

    good god, Rob. Thank goodness you’re ok. What caused the seat belt to do that? Was it just yours, or others as well?

  2. susi said

    Yikes! What an ungrateful finale to Nurse Rob’s week-long shift! Does this make you less fond of Virgin Air? How is the wrist? A sprain? They should ALSO pay for any medical bills. I think I got the plague from all the passengers sneezing lustily on all sides on my last flight. I’m bringing my own lavender disinfectant to wipe down table, arm rests and seat belt next time — will watch out for the airbag….

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