The Duck Caf is…… CLOSED!!!!

April 21, 2018

I have had a proliferation of Male Mallards this year..

.I ONLY thought I saw one female with her partner who was Attacked and bullied once she set foot into the cafe….

I mean her mate was helpless as the other 8 males attacked and drove both of them away….flew after them over the pond

And they would do it with such a Vengeance which I do NOT understand….I mean they are ALL Mallards…

And then three days ago I was in my bedroom at my desk writing and looked up to see a solitary female with her  8 Very young ducklings hiding under the bushes…I threw them brown rice but they disappeared…..

And that eve there was a lone female eating outside of the kitchen .,.. but I made the wrong move by going out to give her more food …as the 8 males on the pond saw me and flew up and attacked her…I mean they chased her after biting ferociously her on her legs ….I was just Struck with such Horror…by their violence….

And then yesterday I was eating lunch in the kitchen table when I saw out of the corner of my eye this lone Totally dishevelled …feathers All askew and dirty… female hobble up…using her bill as a crutch…both of her legs broken…

It Just Tore my Heart…,….

…Well THAT was IT for me….

The hawk had been by earlier and that is why no Male Mallards were around…they all flew off after he flew down on them…

What happened to the crippled lady is the way of Nature….

Unless you have great Luck….Only the Fit Survive….


Tonight I was sitting in the kitchen…and from the pond …waddled across the golf green the Female and her Mate whom I had thought were dead….

I was so Happy that they Are Still Alive…

But the caf is closed until I see more females… treated as males treat their male mates..(sigh)

There are Things I Will Never Understand

2 Responses to “The Duck Caf is…… CLOSED!!!!”

  1. Jay Gusick said

    Talk about “Wild Kingdom!” And I thought our President was a misogynist… those mallards have NOTHING on him!

  2. Liz said

    We have wild ducks coming and going from our pond, and our one lone domesticated male duck is overjoyed to have them fly in, they immediately become part of his clan! until they fly off to some other body of water. (all of our female domesticated ducks were killed by predators of various kinds over the last two years). Grateful our male Snowy Duck is so welcoming, after reading of your experience!

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