There is an article in today’s NYT about how  some shows should NOT be extended for a second season….as even  though it is for financial reasons…it often ruins the Artistic creation of the writer/director…..


One show I agree with is Homeland which has in this season been stretched WAY too far and become quite boring…


On the other hand “Atlanta” by Donald Glover is just mesmerizing as it has TOTALLY changed from the first episode into the Fabulous mind of Donald Glover and the director (besides Glover) Hiro Murai…whether this is due to Donald being a Black Man in a mainly white movie industry….and he roped Everyone in by his first season so was renewed and given carte blanche… do What he really wanted to…


he excellently played  a Michael Jackson like character…in one episode…actually it was Really quite creepy…..


It made me realize once again how important it is to have the Black American side of life expressed soo sooo  much More often……the sense of humor….the expression of life…of misery…..made me think of Zora Neale Hurston’s book about the last slave ship which  brought Cudjo…. Lewis  from Africa to the US …she wrote the book many a year ago and it was just recently published….she basically died from poverty after being a domestic……though had Quite a life…. a good friend of W.E.B. Du Bois


In this article in the NYT’s they mentioned a show that was this guy’s favorite and he hopes is Not renewed…but it has been…. HBO’s “Barry” starring Bill Halder from SNL….


I just started to watch it…it is about a hitman “Bill” who is hired in LA to kill a man who turns out to be an actor…with whom he bonds accidentally at an acting class that this guy attends…..Barry (Bill) finds out that he REALLY wants to be an actor and cannot kill his new friend who has encouraged Barry to pursue his new found interest..(the guy is killed by the Chechnyans who had hired Bill)


During this first episode if Barry ….the actress Delta Burke’s name  came up…she was one of the stars of one of my favorite TV shows (Designing Woman)…back in the the late 80’s and early 90’s….which made my mind flash to her in my shop “Elizabeth’s Staircase”….and I could envision her staring up at one of our paintings for sale…it actually was a painting by the wonderful actress   Ann Sothern (the star of the TV show “Private Secretary” 1953-57 as I was growing up…it alternated with Jack Benny on TV)


Ann was an actress born in 1909 and died at the age of 92….her resume is quite Fabulous…from stage to radio to TV…..I had fallen in love with her as a young kid…


Little realizing that years later I would have an Art Show for her in a shop I owned with the Wonderful Liz Nesser………………..Clark Gable’s sister-in-law… Kaye Gable Clark’s last wife)  attended the opening with her maid/body guard “Miss Louise” in her domestic uniform….Kaye swaddled in old mink stoles….


A Different Time


And then in “Barry” Bill was asked for  whom he Last worked…. he said he had just got back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan……


Which made my mind flash to my last roommates after the Wonderful Gorgeous Meg Steedle had left for an acting assignment in NY


I will call them Greg and Maria…

.when I interviewed them in my kitchen at Martel…he seemed Very Fit….silent…she did all the talking…she reminded me of a hippy type….(nothing wrong with that)…


He had done 3 tours of duty in Afghanistan…and had been hired by a Bel Air woman to be her assistant…..(which made NO sense to me)…she had been a nurse and they were  in transit from San Clemente to LA….they paid for 2 months in cash…they had never lived together…had met through the internet when he was serving his rotating duty of killing Isis men….


they moved in…they brewed beef bones  for two days in a crock pot…as they believed it was the healthiest thing to imbibe…..the house would just stink of boiled beef bones when I got home from work….


After several weeks I thought it would be good and a nice thing to do take them out for dinner….


They were use to McDonald’s and Jack…so we went up the street  to a Chinese restaurant …it was the First time I had been with them since they had moved in….


I noticed that she Totally demurred to him…..his mouth would twitch….he did not talk much….


After a beer he told me of the PTSD he suffers from…and how the VA is shit in far as helping..he was on Meds and was being seen by many a counselor….and then told me of how it was STILL hard for him to sleep without a revolver under his pillow (something that all the Marines were trained with)…they slept in the adjacent bedroom to mine


There was one morning I awoke to go to work…at my usual time of 4:30 to look out my bedroom window and see this couple parking up the block…getting out of their car ….unlocking the trunk ….reaching in…and slinging a rifles over each of their shoulder


A chill went through me when I realized it was Greg and Maria….getting back from one of their 12 hour religious seminars where they chanted a lot (nothing wrong with that…)


I later realized they had over 40 guns and rifles in the room they slept in next to mine…


Then they had to his father was ill… lived back in NY and Greg was told to come home to take care of him


….they had burned a hole in a $1000 custom made desk and gave me $100…I thanked them ….


Did the sign of the cross as they existed out of the front door….


There are two senseless issues that make me Sooo Mad…..




…and the vets who return from the senseless wars we send them to… ending up suffering from PTSD….


And both of these are soo Related…



“Los corderos son sacrificados inocentement”

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