That First Gay Kiss

June 18, 2018

Well they brought 4 piles of sand to fill in the pond….but I still  had 11 befuddled ducks amble up from what was the pond for breakfast… and then for dinner I had 4 females …which surprised me as back during mating season and when they produced I NEVER saw any…well 2 with their partners who were always attacked by the males…and then the lone female..whom I thought was a dyke as she had more balls than any of the other girls…would attack the men…her feathers/hair was like gelled and always a mess but she was SO persistent…haven’t tho seen her lately


I just watched the Brilliant  PBS Masterpiece production “The Man In An Orange Shirt”…. has  just SHREDDED me…as it was so much like my Life….I have Not cried so much….in years


It is about two men who meet during WWII when being Gay was a crime and a TOTAL Social taboo…it was an “illness” that you could go to prison for ….

My Father was in WWII…and said (not knowing I was Gay)…recounted this train trip through Germany….where the army slept in bunk beds…and one night one of the soldiers tried to crawl into his….he slept on the top…he said he kicked the guy out…and said it with no derogatory terms….


And during  this time my Uncle Sumner who was Gay was in the Navy…and I NEVER really asked him what it was like…but he always laughed at Life….did meet Jo Ridder (of the Ridder Publishing Co..which  became the Ridder/Knight Publ Co)…


Jo was Gay and Sumner met him when their ships were stationed in Shanghai…they  went to a bar and got drunk…and Sumner bet Jo that he could beat him back to their ships…(they both had rickshaw drivers)…Sumner went out and told his driver to get Jo’s drunk…which he did…as when they left the bar…and raced to the pier where their ships were…Jo’s driver ran off the end of the pier with Jo in his rickshaw….


Needless to say they were friends for Life…Jo got married…had children…but when Betty realized he was gay she wanted a divorce…somehow Jo ended up with her mink coat…and had it made into a throw for my Uncle


….I always remember it lying  at the end of his bed…..


..but the “Man in An Orange Shirt”….the passion that was NOT supposed to  be expressed…that could NOT be expressed Socially.


..hit so home to me…as back in the 60’s…the first guy at college I was passionate about…well I will never forget that kiss…where late at night we looked into each other’s eyes…and KNEW


…we were walking down the stairs at Carleton College…it was a staircase with a landing on each floor…


The Kiss was Sooo Electric that we grabbed each other and wrestled each other ..kissing down each floor….

..we landed on the ground floor, laughing at each other…gathered ourselves up..smiling and exited into the night…holding each other’s hand….(sigh!!!)

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