As Time Goes By

July 14, 2018

..well they did not do anymore of filling in the duck  pond, so I don’t know if it is over …I REFUSE to go and look down at it…as my ducks usually do when they fly in from the East…wondering What The Hell???.


But they keep coming back …land with a thud ..dust spiraling upward…from what was THEIR pond for years(since 1982)….


They fly in around 6AM and then about 5:30 PM…and waddle across the whole golf course pitch….in single file..all 17 of them this Afternoon….it is quite surprising and moving….I noticed the guy who lives across the Now field(?) that  separates us…. this afternoon in his orange shirt…kind of befuddled looking at the ducks heading toward me…..


Amazon REALLY has taken Over the whole world…I read how ..I think it was in Tibet…well some very Faraway mountainous region… a lady ordered some mascara and some other items and it WAS delivered by Amazon…as by post it would have taken like a month….and cost so much more


I have been hooked on Lawry’s “Lemon Pepper” for years (yeah I know it has salt in it…) and went to Ralph’s …which in Smoke Tree..well their spice department or aisle is Soooo Tight…that it is better to leave your cart at the end of the aisle….but this bear of a guy was standing like forever where I thought my Lemon Pepper should be…and like after FOREVER he picked up the substitute which is Lemon Pepper Dash (with NO salt)….I of course realized After the fact he was looking for What I WAS….as I ended up taking the “Dash”….we could have bonded ….not my type tho….


Well today I went on Amazon…and Of
Course they had it …cheaper than Ralph’s….(sigh!!!)


I heard from my dear roommate Tom Skinner (from college) at how he went to our 50th reunion at Carleton…and the few people I asked about…well they are Dead!!!!


And then I heard from my dear friend Michelle in LA…that the guy (Jim Duncan..a just Dreamy man)… who was like head of the IT department at West Hollywood City Hall and only 52 dropped dead of a heart attack as he was hiking above Pacific Palisades (near Malibu)…(and one thing I read) said he was taking a picture of his family…at the time…..


Well I knew his wife when she used to work in my department…  was getting divorced from a guy…who should we say was Not Quite up to snuff


And this was back in the day when my dear friend Jimbo worked with us (before he got murdered in my apartment)  He Sooo Loved Claudia…as she is one of those Extremely Strong Ballsy Women…who will argue and confront you if she disagrees with your views….She is a Gorgeous Woman  like in her 30’s now…


Jim was probably in his 40’s when they connected…


What Made me Sooo Happy (as it would have Jimbo) was to see how Claudia changed after she met Jim…it was Totally Kismet….she just Exuded such Happiness…that was Wonderfully infectious….to us around them on the sidelines …it was TOTALLY a True  “Love Story”


And both Jim and Claudia were so extremely athletic…I think Claudia has a Black belt…


And they have two young children…9 and 7


Life is soo fleeting…one just never knows…


So I am Going to Cruise next spring….South Africa or around the Cape Horn in South America


“Play it again Sam”…I can’t wait any longer


As Time Goes By…….

One Response to “As Time Goes By”

  1. adelaidedonnelley said

    A CRUISE! Take me with you. Then let’s go to Africa on a safari – we only live once, time is running out, etc, xx D

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