August 7, 2018

Well 25 Mallards came  for dinner tonight …which must be the most….don’t know if it is due to the heat or fires …..but man were they Hungry!!!


I just returned from the Most Beautiful Spot I have ever been to on this planet…Cortes Island in British Columbia….it became more so as I read the NYT current Magazine (on the plane back)… entitled “Thirty Years Ago We Could Have Saved The Planet”


As we flew from Vancouver to San Fran…I was on the window…and the guy on the aisle asked “Is That just fog or is it Smoke?”…. I looked out the window and said “Well I hope it is fog”…only to read the next day about the “Mendocino Fire”….we have Now the largest fire in California Ever!!!


I got back to Palm Springs to where the flight attendant said it was 101 at 10 PM…..


I heard the next day that Santa Monica Bay is the Hottest in history…80 degrees….


I listen to the BBC and they have had the hottest summer yet…today it was in the 90’s…and have said that in the Fall it will be hotter than normal…when I go with dear Robert…..(sigh)…and they predict very little rain


The whole globe has had so far Very Hot weather and More fires than ever before…from Greece to California…and some say it is the New Normal…..


What made me realize how sacred the environment has been before this was being on Cortes Island…my wonderful Nephew Elliott and his so Beautiful, caring, partner Martha own…a mile of pristine coastline….144 acres (I think)…..


One can look down many, many feet in the crystal clear water….and see mussels, oysters, crabs scurrying around…


The property is Sacred…loved by the natives…there are pictographs…drawings by the ancients on the cliffs…and the craggy bluffs are Sooo Magnificent to climb….to watch the seals and otters play….and view the distant snow capped mountains…


It IS Breathtaking!!!


My neph’s compound is a “protected” area…no electricity…compostable and outhouse toilets….only solar showers…solar provides most of the electricity…propane in the main lodge provides lights for the kitchen/dining/living room….


There is NO road in…you have to hike a mile or take a boat in….


It really is set up as a retreat for educational groups…I so hope it can be a center that teaches High Schoolers and College kids…the Importance of protecting our environment as well us older ones have Not done well at all!!!


There were 16 of us….4 kids 10 years and younger …4 kids younger than 16…and 8 adults….

There was SO much to do…in exploring…hiking..swimming Kayaking..canoeing….


And for me to get closer to my family….I have always loved them from afar…but this is the First time in 40 years I have spent so much time with them…and well gosh I did not realize any of them cared for me except my sister Daidie….but the love my nephew Elliott showed me just Blew me away…and then his partner Martha…the Nicest most genuine outgoing caring person I EVER have met….well one night after we took a sauna…she took my hand and coaxed me into the Cold water in their bay….Well I Felt Born Again!!


I dunno how to express it…but I Appreciate Nature…what we are given….realized how unimportant it is NOT to have to shower every day…or have electricity….and how important water is…as it went out for several hours one day….


As I feel I am slipping into dementia (my sister mentioned the name of the  mother of my niece (well in law) ..and I wondered who in the Hell is that …until I Realized it was her mother…(sigh!!!) and I will go out and refill a watering can to water the plants in my Living Room only to come back and wonder which plants I have watered…..


So “IF” I should slip into total dementia or Alz…I just want to be released to the world Beyond….as NOT to be able to comprehend  the crabs or oysters on the floor of the crystal clear floor of Cortes Island…well man that is NOT living…..

2 Responses to “IF…..”

  1. susi said

    Aha: you have been caught in Lady Cortes’ magical net, like the rest of us!
    Imagine thinking the family did not love the dickens out of you — quite the opposite! Loving hugs your way, susi

  2. Jan said

    Rob…..we don’t know each other, but I hope, if you feel that you are in the opening stages of dementia/ALZ that you’ll go to the doc and get some insight on what is happening. Knowing is worth everything. The worry and stress of not knowing but assuming is debilitating. There’s lots of folks out there (family or not) who care about you and love what you write about your life and adventures, past, present AND *future*…….

    Not to mention …..you’ve got to think about your mallards……they would be duck-reft without you.

    May you have many more happy years, Rob!

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