“Play It Again Sam”

September 22, 2018

I just returned from probably the BEST “vacation” (tho I don’t know how one retired can call it a “vacation”.)..it was to London with a wonderful dear  man…Robert Parrish….those who know him realize what I am saying….he is ALWAYS so UP and gives SO MUCH to Everyone he encounters….I have learned so much more from him than anyone I have  met…


He HAS such a gentleness and respectfulness  for Life…for the beggar on our regular route from our club off of Green Park to the tube….I can be impossible but he is Ready for Anything….and So So giving with a smile and a comment that makes one laugh!!!


I had been worried about sleeping in the same room as I Have not for 25 years and since living in Weho I have always had a fan to drown out the noise from the street as I Like to sleep with a window open….


I knew that I could not sleep with no steady noise….so bought the new Bose earplugs …the only problem is that they Do Not have a fan noise…there are only 10 sounds to pick from…I tried “Rustling Leaves” but they rustled too much…I tried “Cascading River” but that was too Cascading…so ended up settling on the hum of an airplane aloft….I must say at the end of the day I Love the earplugs…as sleep is So important to me…


We had the Best of times with Fabulous Brent who came up on the train to pick us up and take us down to their Fabulous house outside of London Proper…a Wonderful so well equipped house with a Fabulous back garden,,,


Brent chauffeured us down to Elham Palace…then on to Chartwell…Winston’s home which is just so comfortably quiet …as it sits on a hill looking over the weald….and then we drove back to their wonderful house for dinner that Brent prepared….Terry motored in on his motorcycle from  work  clad in asbestos outer garments…..I could never do it …tho he has been doing it for years to Heathrow…he is in charge of ALL the freight for DHL that passes through Heathrow


They are So special to us!!!


And before this experience I had contacted two friends that I have Not seen or been in touch with in over 14 years….when they visited me in West Hollywood….and we went to San Fran…and Palm Springs….with our mutual Friend “Davina” David who was a Wonderful insulting drunk…he was dying and did die  of AIDS….such a Character!!!


Well when Joel responded saying he and Tony would Love to see us…I was kind of amazed as I did Not know if I had his correct email address….later to find out that he has been reading my blog….


Robert and I arrived at the Pheasantry in Chelsea thinking we were early only to find the two wonderful men pop up to great us….


Joel has changed SO much…as 14 years ago he was kind of plump…now he is Is the Fittest Most Attractive man I have seen… he runs 15 miles a day…because he Really Likes to…he is a psychiatrist who has to assess people who have been arrested for killing someone etc as to whether they ARE insane or not…( I don’t know how he does it)…..Joel has this INTENSITY that most people don’t …he was brought up an Orthodox Jew…and discarded by his parents…who live in France Now….. for being Gay….


And Tony is just one of those Fabulously Warm  People you Just want to hug Forever …as he laughs All the time…..


We were at the Pheasantry to hear Nicky Haslam sing…Nicky is  7 years older than me (his bday being  2 days after mine) but his lover in the US for a time  when he was in his 20’s was Jimmy Davidson…whose lover before Nicky was the writer Speed Lamkin who became the lover after Nicky of my first lover Paul Millard..(yes I know difficult to follow)….


Nicky played ALL the romantic songs from our lives…Frank Sinatra….musicals… {“Play It Again Sam” from Casablanca) etc etc..it had us all of us in tears…well Especially Robert as Nicky looked So Much like his First Male  Love….Barry…..


An evening Not to be forgotten….


Oh!! I was shocked when I got home  to look outside through the night and see my pond Totally Full of water…seems their is a natural spring that they could Not do anything with…so my ducks are all Smiling!!!!


I appreciate so Much my friends….at times one has to step outside one’s box and just Live!!!! As dear Robert has shown me!!!!

4 Responses to ““Play It Again Sam””

  1. Jay Gusick said

    Your trip was a delight to follow through your photos and posts… and to read more about in your blog. So glad you and Robert enjoyed the adventure! Welcome home!

  2. jan said

    what a joy your trip sounds! So happy for you that you had such a wonderful time. (is there a place one might see the photos/posts that Jay speaks of? If not too private, that is). I very much love your blog and look forward to more Mallard News (or as I call it: “Duck, Duck, No Goose”)!

  3. Joel Pellington said

    Bless you and bless Robert xxx

  4. Liz said

    Loved reading about your delightful trip and friends! and that your ducks have water again in the pond!!

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