Silver Fox Stoles, Catherine Deneuve, Millie Coleman, Larry Sogolow, and some Last Name-less Jacks

January 5, 2019

I have just watched on Netflix the heart warming film…not necessarily Academy Award…but just wonderful for me…“Bad Seeds”….by Iranian Director and Actor….that was released in France last November….


what REally snagged me was seeing Catherine Deneuve …she has Always been one of my favorites….such a Strong and Regal woman….she is 75 now and Still as Beautiful as Ever….she has been married only once to the photographer David Bailey from 1965 to 1972…but has lived with the director Roger Vadim (with whom she had one child), the actor Marcello Mastroiannni (with whom she had one child), the cinematographer Hugh Johnson, Spanish model Carlos Lozano, and Canal+ tycoon Pierre Lescure….


she has been an Aids activist among many causes she has fought for …illegal abortions…the death penalty…misogyny….sexual harassment


she is just one of my favorite woman…and Such a Role model for all of us!!!


watching this film made me muse on the people that have directly influenced my life…..I think of my 8th grade teacher at St Albans…Professor Scofield…back then you had to call them “Sir” …as you had to call your parents friends “Mr Burke or Mrs Burke”…NEVER by their first name….

but Professor Scofield was just one of a kind….a heavy set man….with spectacles on…dressed sort of ..well not too put together…but such a Warm Heart and kind man….I will never forget that one day I had to go up into the Professor’s Living Quarters to deliver something to him…and as I approached his room ….I heard him playing a piano and singing some show tune… was just one moment in time that I will never forget….


like the first time I went to Vegas when I must have been like 18….I was in a bar…opening a pack of cigarettes…and this more mature woman saw me mutilating the pack and said “Honey…let me show you how to open a pack of cigarettes”…where upon she took it and gently  showed me…it was kind of mind blowing at my age….she was wearing a silver fox stole….and was alone….and smelled Divine!!!


which makes me think of Millie Coleman….my Dad’s boss….Harrold Stassen’s secretary…(he was the youngest governor of Minnesota back in the day…was one of the original signers of the UN charter which my Dad helped him with)


I remember one day Millie came to visit us at 5020 Glenbrook Rd in DC….she was wearing a silver fox stole…Brilliant Chinese Red lipstick…had soft wavy grey hair..was sitting in one of our light green upholstered chairs in the Living Room….and I was like 8 years old and  two feet from her…as she was smoking an unfiltered Camel….she had a split between her two  front teeth… smudged lipstick was on one of them….she had the Warmest smile I had ever seen and the deepest throatiest laugh (cigarettes)….I just loved her!!!!


The most Brilliant man I have ever met….is Larry Sogolow…..his life history is soo moving…(and I will get this all wrong…sooo scuzzie Larry.) but he was born in a pogrom on the East Coast…where the kids were all taught and dressed simply alike… until they reached a certain age and then HAD to go to the State schools….and just imagine being taught one way..dressed one way…. and then being yanked and thrown  out into utter bewilderment

…like the Jewish calendar is TOTALLY different from the what do you call it Larry???…Anglo…Euro…anyway…….Larry’s birthday came up on OUR calendar to his then teacher …who sang Happy Birthday to him with the whole class…..but he could NOT get it across that there is such a difference between the Hebrew calendar and what most of us are use to…and it was NOT his birthday….so he was ridiculed… those with less understanding….


what I alway Love about Larry is that he is Such a fount of knowledge…that Does Not stop founting…I sometimes need to go to the bathroom after listening to his non-stop  pearls of wisdom for 45 minutes….and crossed eyedly make an excuse and Go…..


but Larry is someone to treasure…his credentials are unbelievable but he passes it off like nothing… Catherine would her beauty….


I am Sooo Thankful that I retired down here….as the guys are mostly my age….with similar issues….but last night for dinner…I think there were 8 of us at Bernies in the back room..(cool at this time of year but watch out in the summer)…the fire was glowing…and we talked openly about our sex lives….after a few libations…..and Lord if not one of the guys had slept with a few at the table….and he is the LAST person that you thought would have ….as he is wonderfully quiet


and then there was talk about how Jack’s lover held an iron to his face….


Life is Fabulous…whether you are wearing a Silver Fox Stole or have slept with everyone you meet at a dining table 40 years later…..(sigh)

One Response to “Silver Fox Stoles, Catherine Deneuve, Millie Coleman, Larry Sogolow, and some Last Name-less Jacks”

  1. Larry Sogolow said

    Thank you for your essay. My forced public school introduction into the secular world at the age of 8 WAS traumatic. Not only did I have to learn the Gregorian calendaring system, that still makes no sense to me, I also had to cope with a new set of holidays that I had no idea existed or what they celebrated, such as Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, etc. I also spoke English but had to learn how to write or is it right? the words. BTW who decided that the term for throat mucus should be spelled PHLEGM and pronounced FLEM.

    As for my knowledge base, I got stuck in a rut for about twenty years accumulating degrees in math, science, business, research and English. Had the internet been available in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s I think I would have forgone some of the degrees and used Google, it would have been much cheaper and easier. Although, I think the advantage of my classroom education was that it was more factual then the internet so little filtering was required.

    Lately, I have been trying to find something more bizarre then the current political climate to occupy my time. I found the website of the Flat Earth Society. I am trying to figure out who is more unaware of reality, the current administration or the Flat Earth Society folks. If you want to check it out their website is and let me know what you think.

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