I actually have 3 books in mind….one is this…the other one of my relationship with the man whom I was not sexually in love with but Loved to death…he  made SUCH an impression on my life..Jimbo Carvalho…he was murdered in my apartment

And the third book is mythical  about my family and friends (and YOU are all included) who live in the Watchoutnow  River Valley…my sister Daidie is called “Laidee”.who always has cooked chicken bits hanging from her mouth..and I am known as  “Robbie” ….constantly have a Lucky Strike unfiltered cigarette dangling from my chapped lips…my mother wears a leather tight mini skirt that falls just below her vagina…her best friend is her Harley…which she is on constantly and her mum is a native Tibetan whose only English is “Moe Bananas…Moe Bananas!!!”…she lives in a rusted out school bus next to a highway above the Watchoutnow River and has umbrellas thrown out to her by yuppies as they race by   in their Benzs onto their  weekend houses outside of DC…….that look down on  the Watchoutnow River Valley…..

I will probably work on Watchoutnow and the compilation of my blogs and letters together as Watchoutnow is SOO Delicious..as I can disguise ALL of YOU!!!!

 I saw “Kinky Boots” filmed from the  stage production at the Adelphi Theatre in London …with some Wonderful Gay friends….at a theatre in Palm Springs….and it made me Aware so so strongly of my travels, my doubts, and my Ultimate Successes….


So I went into my garage and dug through many a musty box to find my letters, emails, memories of lovers and my journey….


This is what I wrote back then…and I hope it May help some LGBTQfluid individuals…the struggle has NOT become easier…but people are MORE aware of us than back in 1946 when I was born…at the end of the day the ONLY advice I can give is BELIEVE in yourself…and don’t take ANY shit from ANYONE as you forge forward…as I promise You WILL reap the benefits of your struggle…..



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