“There are people out there who appreciate and treasure old letters….”

June 10, 2019

and so wrote a Dear Friend in response to my last blog…Danny Casillas..one of the nicest human beings I have ever encountered..


He worked (and still works) at West Hollywood City Hall…. he is a Total Delight…Always so UP…he would keep us in stitches daily …he is One of the Top  Drag Queens in Southern California..won the crown recently for being the “BEST”


he plays “Frieda Laye” in Chicos  Angels as well as by himself “Reba, Reba”…he is  DELICIOUSLY  TOTALLY FABULOUS!!!


he made me think about the old letters I have been going through…which I am Soo Glad I saved…and the emails I wrote since I was introduced to a computer….some letters go back to 1968…a letter from my Dad who was in Vietnam when I dropped out of college….it is so unusually wonderful …he was a man I Never totally appreciated as I was scared of him and so so insecure with myself…..


1998 was my “Annus Horribilis” to quote Queen Elizabeth….as it was the year that dawned with me huddled in a Hotel Room on Sunset Blvd..as my LAST lover had become violent New Years Eve and had smashed a champagne glass in my face…which was just IT for me…as I had put up with his drugs….his alcoholism…his craziness for years thinking he would change…


we had just come back from London where I had taken him to enjoy the Christmas time…one of my favorite times of the year…he treated me like shit there…as one night I vividly remember we went to a Gay club…but it closed early as so many bars in the Old City do …and what I did not realize until that night you move just around the corner which is a different district and the bars stay open til 2…as opposed to 11


well he was Furious that I did NOT know this and when we got to the new bar disappeared into the crowd…like Forever…this bar was on three floors with a cutout in the middle so you could look down from one floor to the next to the bar at the bottom in the center….


I waited for him to reappear for 2 hours  and then gave up and went back to the hotel…


at 3:30 I heard a bunch of guys laughing on the street below…to look out and see Gil liplocked with one  of them….


well I was furious…and decided I had to get him on a plane to get back to LA….when he appeared in the room…I told him that I had been waiting for him forever on the main floor..


he said “I know…I and my new friends were watching you and laughing the whole time…”


and I came across today my “Termination of Domestic Partnership” with him and the City Clerk wrote on the letter to me:


“Dear Rob…Make yourself a cocktail and turn up Sinatra..because living Well is the Best Revenge”…..


and I WON’T go into how Difficult it was to get rid of  Gil as that would take another chapter…


but it also was the year my best friend Jimbo was murdered in my apartment….which I still have Not gotten over…as tho we were not lovers we planned to spend our lives together with our own individual lovers…..


and before this ..after Gil had left…Jimbo had moved back to Hawaii to be with his old lover Kimo…a GORGEOUS man…but later as Jimbo found out Totally into Drugs….


what is interesting for me is that after he had been murdered…his cousin gave me All of the letters I had written to Jimbo after he had left  about the goings on at City Hall…I just read them today and they could make a play on their own as they talked about all the people we knew and What they were doing


…I wrote him a letter Every Day….


I eventually flew over and rescued him…as he had HAD it with Kimo and his drugs and irresponsibility…I had to hire 3 station wagons to take all his suitcases and duffel bags to the airport and Jimbo  insisted that we do it when Kimo was at work at the Royal Hawaiian….it was kind of nerve racking….


Joan English at City Hall his former boss and the head of Transportation was wonderful and Welcomed him back..as she truly loved him….so he returned to his old job….


Everything was fine until he met Roman…I came across a letter where Roman said he was amazed that I being White could dance so well…think it was San Diego Pride…as we (Jimbo, I and like 15 others) were the West Hollywood Cheerleaders …(and not a drag thing)…..we had performed in San Francisco and Portland….but after SD Pride we ended up in a bar and Roman I danced…..


and during this period Jimbo who Never wanted to upset anyone tried to get rid of Roman….by flirting with other guys…and NOT with Roman…well Roman was Too smitten….


oh an aside in the car down from La to San Diego…I asked Roman about his childhood…he told me of how as a child he would watch his mother plant Sunflower seeds in the barren earth outside of their house …but  NOTHING would EVER grow….Roman worked late late at night cleaning airplanes at LAX…


and then that one day in August as I left Jimbo singing in the shower..I drove out of the driveway to do some shopping for my trip for the family reunion at Forest Lodge…I encountered Roman walking across the street with a bundle of laundry….saying Hi Rob…I just want to return Jimbo’s clothes….(little did I know he had a revolver in them)


3 hours later when I returned…Laurel Avenue where I lived was yellow taped OFF…..helicopters were buzzing above and swat teams were on the roofs……..but the police let me in…I pulled into my space at the back garage….only to confront a female officer on the back stairs…saying I could NOT go in


…she said “You CANNOT see this murder as it will Haunt you for years……”

One Response to ““There are people out there who appreciate and treasure old letters….””

  1. Tom said

    Amazing what you have been through, Rob – chapters of life, as you say..so interesting but sorry for the tough times – will be good to see you again.

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