Oh to be Able to Turn Back Time…..

September 10, 2019

People have asked me if I still have my ducks around…alas Yes…..they dwindle in the Very hot months which has just passed


I feed them only once a week as they look TOO fat….and I think others feed them….


this evening at one point I looked up to see outside my kitchen window 35 duck faces staring at me…


they parade one by one up in a single file from the pond…which amazes me but when a hawk dives down they ALL take off at once  back to the pond


some I recognize by their antics when they were kids…


I had a new plumber in yesterday…hired through Amazon…as they delivered something that I needed installed…and they offered a cheaper rate than the plumber I had used several years ago….will Amazon eventually replace people in political office???


he was extremely nice about 40ish  had a son about 20 something….both a bit THAT plumber size…a tad overweight….But Man did he go on and on….


talking about his wife and how he apologized for her blowing his phone apart…( I did not hear anything as I was in a different room)….seems she bit on something and one of her teeth disintegrated…and this is after he had paid $10,000 on her mouth….she was in tears….as she had gone to a new dentist and he said that as a child she had worn bad braces that did something or rather…


he told me she had PTSD as she was abused as a child…and was bi-polar…he told her to calm down and go back to the old dentist as he carried them for years with them paying $50.00 a week…..


I told him of how I had had a Wonderful plumber in West Hollywood…who had  carried us…when we were told that the 20’s Spanish apartment building we owned…our insurance company would drop us if we did not have all the original lead pipes replaced with copper….and it was going to cost $60,000 ….it was just amazing as they did not charge us any finance fee…and even when I sent them the final payment they sent me a gift certificate to Providence …one of the Best restaurants in LA at the time…and Quite Expensive…


I was blown away by their kindness…I don’t know if such generosity exists anymore now….with our current angst


Speaking of PTSD….I have been watching a series on Netflix “The Spy”…with Sacha Baron Cohen (in a non-comedic role) about the life of Israel’s top Mossad spy Eli Cohen in Syria…


it makes me wonder if those who have been a spy and have to take on a role…like Eli ..and my father did in the capture of Kaltenbrunner in WWII…do not suffer from PTSD when they have to come back to Reality…..to their families and normal less exciting work….


times have changed so since I was in my 50’s…


will never forget at work …5 years ago…… one day when I was talking about Clark Gable who was my business partner’s ( Liz Nesser) brother in law…..this young new hiree asked me WHO he was…and I said well You Must have seen “Gone With The Wind” with Vivian Lee…she said NO…don’t know it….and THAT is when I decided I should retire…..


and today’s popular movie is “IT, Chapter 2”…almost 3 hours….think I will pass (as I never saw Chapter 1)


I was taken by a Dear friend to see Cher in Vegas recently…well she knocked my socks off (yes that too is not a current expression)….she is my age 73 and was just delicious….


there are  some days you just  HAVE to Turn  BACK Time…..

One Response to “Oh to be Able to Turn Back Time…..”

  1. Sumner said

    Wonderful to hear about the ducks! You must have been a duck in your past life! Do you think Father suffered from PTSD? Great description re: plumber! So sorry for his wife!

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