Life In The Watchoutnow River Valley

September 14, 2019

“By the light of the Silvery Moon” tune ….was wafting down the aisle of the rusty dilapidated bus from Grannie Toad’s space to mine at the back of the bus as I was reading a Charles Atlas Magazine….well more perusing….


there were only 5 of us kids living with Grannie Toad…as Ma ..well she had left us….ever since she got her Harley…


she was gorgeous…some said she looked like Liz Taylor…Fabulous thick  Black hair that cascaded to her shoulders…loved Black  tight vagina length faux leather mini-skirts….

I think she thought I was gender fluid…as well I could not talk in her presence…I just gaped at her astride her Harley …..and I did not look like most “boys”


Grannie Toad had lived in this old rusty dilapidated, tires Long Gone..,  school bus above the Watchoutnow Township sitting on the banks of the Watchoutnow River ever since her asshole of a husband …who worked for the Watchounow Railroad…had left her….many moons ago…..


well I and my 4 siblings lived with her….


my older sis “Laidee”…was a TOTAL naturalist…she loved beetleroot …the wilted green bits… Always…..hanging from her lips


it was she  that taught me how lightening bugs …the females…knew Morse Code…and would tap out with their lights…Dot.. Dot.. Dash  to attract the males of their species to satisfy their sexual desire…but when they were hungry would tap out Dash… Dash…. Dot…to attract the other species and then eat them….


Laidee amazed me as much as Ma did…they were both Weirdly Wonderful


our pet black bear Koddee and Laidee would go swimming nude  together in the Watchoutnow River….


I was only 13 but had this feeling that I HAD to do something with my Life…other than sit and watch Grannie Toad stake up her vegetables with the discarded umbrellas that autos threw at her bus  as they zoomed up the nearby road to their palatial weekend  homes….


and this is the beginning of that journey……..

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