Ronald Hugest trying to find Miss Sogoslow

October 2, 2019

It was One of those Hot, Humid sticky, dank evenings in Atlanta…probably 1974 sometime in June during the period that Tricky Dick was being impeached that Ronald Hugest…from that wealthy family of Atlanta… the Hugest…


his brother Wit Hugest had built most of Atlanta…after inheriting the Hugest Company  from his Dad 


now Ronald was one of those Adonises …Golden shoulder length hair …6’4 …President of the Student Body…Captain of the Atlanta Sworefucks Football team…married his highschool sweetheart …Ohnoyoudidn’t Dakota…she was drop dead gorgeous …….some ladies whispered derogatorily  behind their fans that she was an Indian…(American native in more polite terms)


but alas as time went on Ronald changed teams…..which sorta confused Ohnoyoudidn’t…..


Ronald owned the Hugest Realty Firm based in Georgia and offices all over the States….soon to open was Canada’s Northern Territories where the natives had igloos for sale….and rent


he also was founder of the “Hugest Time To Reflect And Enjoy Life” Church in Georgia…where Brother Bradford Diamond was one of those unforgettable ministers….I mean if you were down in the dumps Brother Bradford would have you up and dancing in the Light of Life….it was quite something…town folk had Never been so moved until Bro Brad entered their life…


Praise the Lord and pass the plate!!!


but this Very  HOT evening as ladies were fanning themselves…watching the play “Othello”…..and Just at the point when Iago stabs Casio…Ronald runs in waving a ream of paper saying “Stop!!! Stop!!! Where is Miss Sogoslow….she has not signed her papers allowing inspection on one of her 300 vacation rentals….”


Alas Miss Sogoslow was not in the audience…as she was out making Whoopie with her new friend Teddi


(to be continued)….

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