Zandra Rhodes

October 16, 2019

About two months ago I read in the Rancho Mirage Library’s weekly notification that Zandra Rhodes was coming October 16th ……


I vaguely knew that Zandra was an eccentric and well known Fashion Designer… I put it on the back burner of my mind of things I might and should do….


A dear friend Jim Lapidus is a fashion designer …designing for Liberace and Elton John among many…he made for Liberace that iconic Piano Key jacket that is so memorable….


I thought he would Definitely be there…so I never mentioned it to him….


as time went on I was not sure whether I would go….but at the last moment today I thought…Why not….I guess it was Zandra’s pink hair that called me…..


Well I cannot tell you HOW blown away I was by her….she was born September 19th (6 days  before  me…born on the 25th) 1940 in Chatham England…..and  really started out her Life in the hippie era as did I……. the 70’s the 80’s …back when women had to wear girdles and tight bras…and oh that upswept sprayed to death hair….have a picture of my wonderful sister Daidie in all that get up waiting to be  picked up in one of those old wonderful convertibles that a beau of hers drove…Jay De Sibour….


Zandra  was greeted by a moderator from this Palm Springs  area….who I felt was just TOO impressed by being in Zandra’s company which is OK and understandable…. Zandra had slides to accompany her talk….and told the moderator to interrupt her at any time to ask questions….


listening to her talk I felt so comfortable….. as she obviously  was….


she has dressed Everyone from Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana, Princess Anne…to Diana Ross…Cher, Jessica Parker…Freddie Mercury….she created that well known white blousey  choir-like shirt that opens like wings as he sang…it is in the Rock n Roll Hall of fame in Ohio…but she recreated it for the movie Bohemian Rhapsody….but she said when Freddie called she told him that he had to come at the end of the day as her shop was in a VERY small area in an  attic and he had to wait til her girls had gone home …she had to ask one of her girls WHO was Freddie Mercury…..


what Totally hit me was that she talked like she has never done anything particularly outstanding in her Life…tho she has been made a “Dame” by Queen Elizabeth….she is someone you would love to have a drink with….she is Instantly Naturally familiar….has the Best sense of humor about herself…in 5 minutes you feel you have known her forever…

she never has mass produced her clothes… makes at the most six…but would mass produce if asked…she is doing furniture for Ikea as her next project

she is influenced by the not well known  cultures for inspiration…she said she likes the Not familiar..the NOT in Vogue places in the jungles……….she said she Would Love to go to Tibet before it is lost forever to capture their feeling in her designs….and Machu Picchu


when it came question time at the end…this gay guy asked her how he should proceed with his life…as he loved designing…loved writing…loved to dance…..


he was sort of all over the place….and confused…


what touched me was rather than sort of ignoring  his confusion …


Zandra said you HAVE to find your Main Passion and Pursue it…it won’t be easy…..if you persist your dreams Will come true….


She is an Icon… A one and only…. and all I can say is that I am So Glad I went today and met her….

One Response to “Zandra Rhodes”

  1. Jay Gusick said

    Lovely to be introduced to a fashion icon, whom I’ve never heard of… and to know how much she captivated you! -Jay

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